Environmental considerations is incorporated in both planning, development and operation of all activities at Fornebuporten including:

  • Energy
  • Material usage
  • Waste
  • Health and indoor environment
  • Water usage
  • Transport
  • Land use and Ecology
  • Operation and maintenance

CSR - Corporate social responsibility

By taking an active part in the community, Fornebuporten wishes to create value for the people living and working in the area. To contribute to the local society, Fornebuporten aim to make facilities and outdoor areas available and open for anyone to use and experience.
Fornebuporten supports local sport clubs and sport events and is the main sponsor for Snarøya Sportsklubb and Fornebuløpet.

Fornebuporten wishes to create an environment suitable and easy to use for roll chair users / disabled / visually impaired so that anyone experience satisfactory access to the various areas. Design for inclusion is therefore taken into close consideration.

Infrastructure and public transportation

Fornebuporten aim to encourage and take part in discussions related to infrastructure and transportation in order to reduce carbon footprint. The work to promote usage of public transport as well as bicycling to and from work is an ongoing process.

Together with Bærum Municipality, Smart City, Ruter and other Fornebu based establishments, Fornebuporten takes an active part in a project covering integrated transport solutions at Fornebu. The aim is to improve and streamline the public transportation alternatives available today.