Dark Architects

Dark Arkitekter established in 1989 and based in Oslo is the architect behind Fornebuporten. Dark drew its inspiration for the project from the offshore industry designing this spectacular building with clear resemblance to an offshore oil platform. Key features include:

  • glass and aluminum coating
  • elevated first floor
  • 16 meter free hanging structures fully light up during the night

Fra høyre bak:  Benedicte Bjercke, Lars Ribbum, Maren Bjerkeng, Isak Johan Iversen, Marin Kulas, Tor Christian Møglebust.
Fra høyre foran: Ricardo Sousa, Christopher James, Ingrid Marie Martinsen, Håkon Hilland.

In designing the indoors at Fornebuporten, Dark / Fornebuporten took inspiration from some of the leading companies such as Apple and Google which emphasizes the importance of creating social spaces where people can interact and exchange ideas in a relaxed atmosphere fostering new innovation and improved work practices. This is most visible in the elevated first floor that houses the reception area, canteen, conference hall and a public bakery, restaurant and bar.

Fornebuporten has also invested over NOK 60M in it large outdoor area converting parts of the previous airport tarmac into a green park and pathway for pedestrians and cyclists that connects the rest of the outdoor area at Fornebu with Fornebuporten.

For more information, please visit: http://www.dark.no.

ZINC Interior Architects


About the interior concept:

The aim has been to create a welcoming Scandinavian atmosphere with clarity in layout and functions. The indoor materials have warm and tactile qualities.

The relaxed atmosphere throughout the building with a few central, open meeting areas invite to socializing of both informal and more private character fostering the human interaction, creativity and innovation that Fornebuporten wants to embrace.

Ground floor:

The ground floor has been created as a large open and active character including:

  • large conference facility
  • employee canteen
  • reception area

The ground floor also includes The Local Oven, the Local Grill and The Local Bar which will be open for the public.

Work areas:

Fornebuporten’s flexible work areas, with an unhierarchical layout, and an extensive use of open space seating assure good interaction and information flow between employees and in teams/projects. Generous meeting room capacity also allows for more private interaction or work.

About ZINC:

ZINC is an established and well renowned interior architecture company in Oslo. Through our projects we have evolved into one of the most exciting and innovative design environments in Scandinavia.

We believe in integrated, thoughtful and progressive solutions. We create environments that supports our client’s business goals and the identity they seek to convey.

Our projects vary in size and scope from large construction and renovation projects to small refurbishment projects and bespoke design.

We find it enriching to vary in scale as it gives us a comprehensive understanding of the complexity of our profession.

Our clients come to us for reliable execution of all phases of a design project. For more information, please visit: www.zinc.no.